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Start Trading CryptoCurrency CFDs with Ainvesting

CryptoCurrencies have increased more than 1500% in value since the beginning of 2017. Even though the cryptos entered the world of global economy earlier, 2017 has been a breakout year for crypto. CryptoCurrencies have become the hottest instruments for traderes and have generated significant returns for many investors.

2017 saw CryptoCurrency market capitalization rally from $17bn to $640bn. There are more than 1375 CryptoCurrencies and 7749 markets available worldwide. The cryptomarket is highly volatile and provides amazing trading opportunities everyday.


Why trade Cryptocurrency with Ainvesting?

Cryptocurrency CFDs

CryptoCurrency CFDs (Contact For Difference) allow a trader to participate in online CryptoCurrency trading without the need of owning any actual cryptocoins.
Basically, the Contract for Difference is a contract between a seller and a buyer, where the seller pays to the buyer the difference between current value of CryptoCurrency and its value at the end of the contract duration..

Fixed Spreads with No Hidden Commissions!

Fixed spreads between the buy and sell prices. Enjoy trading with no commissions! To view our fees, please Click Here

Trade Cryptocurrency CFDs with Leverage

Use leverage to increase your trading potential even with a small initial deposit and start trading CryptoCurrency CFDs. Remember to use leverage with caution, as it can be both profitable and harmful at the same time for a trader.

Free Demo Account

Use Ainvesting advanced trading platform to practice trading on demo account with virtual funds in risk-free environment and with real-time market data.

Open a Live Account and Start Trading Now!

Opening a live account with Ainvesting is simple and secure. Use your smartphone, tablet or desktop to open a real account with Ainvesting and start trading

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Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss. Trading FX/CFDs involves a significant level of risk and you may lose all of your invested capital. Please ensure that you understand the risks involved.